MED Model Editor

MED is a free tool for creating, editing or converting 3D models and terrains. Although it is not competing with high-end modelling tools like MAX®, MAYA®, or gameSpace®, it has all required features to create 3D game content, including atlas mapping, bones animation and shader support. Its easy to use interface is ideal for basic 3D model creation and for importing models in all usual 3D formats. MED can export models to the Gamestudio MDL5 and MDL7 format and to the general purpose 3DS and FBX formats. It can be easily extended through user plugins and user-made import/export filters.

This manual is only a reference; for learning how to create models with MED, please use the Model Design Tutorial that comes with the free MED package, or download the Game Design Tutorial from the Gamestudio Download Page. The free MED version lacks some features that are only available in higher Gamestudio editions. Features marked with   P  are only available in the Gamestudio/A7 Pro Edition, features marked with   C  in the Gamestudio/A7 Commercial Edition.

The Interface areas

MED's four views offer a look at the model from any side and in a 3D perspective. By dragging the center bars the proportions of the views can be changed. You can use the mouse wheel for zooming in the windows. The 3D view displays the skin that is currently selected in the Skin Editor. When right cklicking on the 3D view and selecting GXL Properties, it's properties like lighting  and view range can be changed.

 !!  Some Windows Vista desktop themes such as Aero are incompatible with graphics programs like WED or MED. When you encounter a problem such as "smearing" of selection frames, right click onto the WED or MED icon, select Properties / Compatibility and tick Disable Desktop Composition.


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