Bones Toolbar

Create Bone Bones creation mode. Left clicking into a window creates a bone hinge point. The next left click connects the hinge point with the click point by a bone. Further clicks create a connected chain of 'child' bones. [Del] deletes the last bone and initiates a new bone chain. Alternatively, bones can be created by clicking and dragging. Clicking into an existing hinge point attaches the new bone to the previous one. See Bones Animation for details.
Apply Vertices Mode For attaching vertices to bones. Vertices already attached to bones appear blue; vertices attached to selected bones appear white; selected free vertices appear red; and free unselected vertices appear yellow. Select a bone by clicking it's hinge point. Select some vertices (see below) and click the [Apply Vertices] button. The vertices are now attached to the selected bone and appear white.
Remove Bones Animation Resets the selected bone to its initial position.
Disconnect Disconnects the selected bone from its parent.
Mirror Bones Mirrors the selected bones.
Merge Bones Merges the selected bones. This way, several child bones can be attached to the same parent bone.
Subdivide Splits a bone into two.
Apply Vertices Attaches the selected vertices of the selected group to the selected bone. For selecting a group, click [Group Mode], click on the group, then go back to [Bone Mode]. The selected group appears bright blue, the unselected groups in a dim color. Vertices can only be selected from selected groups. For selecting all vertices from the selected group, draw a frame around that group in a 2D window.
Remove Vertices Removes the selected vertices of the selected group from all selected bones. For removing all vertices from a certain bone, first select the bone, then select all vertices by drawing a frame around the model, then click [Remove Vertices].
Move Children Moves the children of the selected bone.
Move Progressive Moves the children of the selected bone while linearly increasing their angle. This is useful, for instance, to create the grabbing motion of a hand.
Fixed Bone Size Does not allow to change the length of bones.
Bone Properties Opens a panel where the name, position, length, and current rotation angles of the bone can be edited directly. Clicking the X will reset the angles.

See Bones Animation for a more detailed description of the bones creation procedure.

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