Frame Toolbar

Controls the animation of the model. Buttons from left to right:

Play Camera: Runs the model animation in the 3D window.
Goto Frame: Selects a frame for all windows. The frame number and name is indicated in the status fields.
Play Setup:


FPS gives the frames per second to playback the animation.
Interpolate will interpolate between frames for smoother animation.
From the start frame

To the end frame of the animation.

The animation will loop between the From and To frames, so for running a scene set the from and to frames as the start and end of the run and you will should see a smooth continuous running motion.

Use Bones Animation: To use bone animation instead of vertex animation.
Auto Scene Range : When active, only the current scene is available in the frame slider.

Frame slider:

The Frame slider bar is a quick and easy way to navigate through the models animation frames. Moving the slider bar from left right, or clicking the arrows at each end of the slider bar will move through the frames. The frame number and name is indicated in the windows.


Selects between animate and object placement mode. Activate this button for animating the model. Before you can animate a model, you must have created one or several animation frames with the Frame Manager.
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