Paint Mode

With this mode you can paint onto selected terrain. The tab is divided into three areas: skin display, mode, general settings. Depending on the mode additionally the section mixture settings may appear.

Painting onto terrain allways results in a mixture of all the terrain textures. The blend behaviour is determined by the alpha chanel of the corresponding texture. So GED modifies only the alpha chanel. If two textures happen to have an alpha value of 100 at one position of the terrain, the texture with the higher layer will be displayed. In the skin display, higher layers are shon on a lower position.

Skin display

Within this area you can see all the skins belonging to the terrain. If a "Base" appears behind a skin, the corresponding texture is the base texture of the terrain meaning that this texture´s alpha chanel allways and everywhere has a value of 100. This is necessary because certain paint mixtures can lead to the effect that the level blends through the terrain.

Clicking right onto a skin opens a context menue that offers the following options.

Add Texture Adds a new skin to the terrain.
Change File of Skin Allows to load a new texture into the selected skin.
Delete Skin Deletes the selected skin.
Show Skin Sets the alpha value of the terrain everywhere to 100.
Hide Skin Sets the alpha value of the terrain everywhere to 0.
Increase Layer Increases the layer of the selected skin by 1.
Decrease Layer Decreases the layer of the selected skin by 1.
Set as Base Texture Lists the selected skin as base texture of the terrain.


Within this area you can determine the way how to paint onto the terrain.

General settings

Here you can work on further settings about painting onto terrain.

Brush Type

Gives the shape of the painting. Possible shapes are: circle, square and pyramid (with the maximum painting strength at the center, decreasing linerarly to the outer sides).

Radius The radius while painting.
Strength The strength of painting.

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