Rightclick Menu

Pressing the right mouse key within the engine window, will display a menu. It contains frequently used functions out of all the menus. Depending whether an object(s) is marked, the content varies. If a menu item only is visible with marked objects, with this documentation you will find a !! behind its name.


  • Model
  • Terain
  • Sprite
  • Map-Entity

This menu item allows to create any type of objects supported by GED.

If an object was found at the cursor position, the objects are placed onto the ground. If there was no object found at the cursor position, the object will be placed in front of the camera.

Undo Undo the last step.
Redo Redo the last step

Ignore Settings

  • Clear Ignore List
  • Ignore this Object (!!)
  • Ignore all Objects with this filename(!!)

This menu item allows you to edit the ignore list. With the help of the ignore list various objects can be ignored while selecting. This can be very useful if you have a huge number of sprites within your level (f. i. light rays) that you don´t want to modify, but will bother you on selecting other objects.

"Clear Ignore List" will empty the whole ignore list. Now all objects can be marked again.

By "Ignore this Object" none of the selected objects can be modified nor selected anymore.

Through the last menu item all objects with the file names of the currently marked objects will be ignored hereafter and won´t be selected anymore.

Copy (!!) Copies the marked objects.
Paste (!!) Adds the previously marked objects into the level.
Duplicate (!!) Duplicates all marked objects. The respective duplicate will be created over the original.
Delete Object (!!) Deletes all marked objects.
Set to Ground (!!)

Sets all marked objects onto the ground below.

!! Models and terrains are ignored by this instruction.

Set to Model (!!) Sets all marked objects onto models or terrains below them.
  • Open Model with MED (!!)
  • Open Terrain with MED (!!)
  • Open Sprite with Paint-Program (!!)

Depending on the objects marked in GED, one of the following menu items will be displayed.

Models and terrains can be modified just in MED. Sprites you can edit with a paint program of your choice. You can determine this program within the preferences of GED.

!! This menu item appears if only one object is marked.

Reload Entity from File (!!)

With the help of this menu item you can reload objects that yo´ve worked on using GED.

!! Don´t use this instruction with terrains.

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