Level Search List

With this tab you can search for certain objects that have specific properties.

Without giving anything all objects in the level are displayed. Clicking right onto an object it can be selected, clicking left onto it, the object will be marked within the list. The GED camera jumps to the position of the object.

With "Search Mode" you can specify what exactely you want to search for. If here you give "Objectname" for example, and then you give a search text under "Search Text", only those objects will be displayed within the list, whose object names correspond to the given text or begin with it.

With "Show" you can determine which data to be displayed by the list. Here you also can manage that enhanced data - as f. i. the number of vertices or storage occupancy - will be shown.

!! With the search for flags the input of 0 or 1 is expected (not true/false).

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