Resources Bar

This window displays a list of all files and scripts in the game. You can display a script, or open the specified editor for a certain file type by clicking onto it.

By pressing right on a file, a little pop-up window with Open and Properties will open. When you press right on a script also Customize will shown.

Open: Opens the file in the Editor given by File>Preferences>Editor .

Properties: Give you more information about the File Properties.

Customize:In the Customize window you can change a script without using the editor. If you want to create your own Customize windows, you've to use the Comment Tags.

  • Click on the [?] icon in the upper right corner of the dialog. Then click on the text of one of the 'tags' in the dialog. If that tag has a "help" text it will be displayed in a pop-up window.
  • Click on [Save] to save the current values.
  • The [Restore] button allows you to reload a script with the original values. Click on [Restore] and then select the original script in the template_6/code folder.
  • The [Update Script] button allows you to update your script to a new version without losing any changes you made to values. This will become more important as updates to the template scripts are released. Click on [Update] and then select the script in the template_6/code folder.