Predefined paths in the level can be evaluated by the scripts and used for AI purposes. For instance, actors can patrol along a path, or paths can lead enemies around obstacles. WED supports paths with arbitrary branches and property values (skills) for nodes and edges. Only paths in the level can be used - map entities can not contain paths.

Path Editor

Create a path by Object / Add Path.

After selecting the path, enter the Vertex Move Mode for editing nodes and edges. The direction of every edge is indicated by a little arrow. Select a node by clicking on it. The node is highlighted in red. You can drag it around with the mouse. Clicking at another place in the window creates a new node and draws an edge from the last node to the new one.

[Del] removes the selected node and all its edges. Undo cancels the last operation.

For connecting two nodes with an edge, either click on the first node, drag the 'rubber band' with pressed [Ctrl] and left mouse key to the second node, and drop it there. Or click with [Ctrl] pressed on a node to draw an edge from the previously selected node to this one. Each node can have an arbitrary number of edges to other nodes. Touching an edge with the mouse highlights that edge. Left clicking anywhere on an edge splits the edge by inserting a new node.

Right clicking a node opens a node properties panel for setting the six node Skills. They can be used in the script for triggering path events or other purposes. Right clicking an edge opens an edge properties panel for setting the Edge Direction, Bezier Factor , Weight, and Skill that can also be evaluated by the script.

Attaching Entities to paths

In the Entity Properties panel, click on the folder icon next to the Path field, and select a path from the dropdown list..