Activates automatic material assignments by material names. This way, default materials can be assigned to individual level textures and entity files, and material effects like bumpmapping and shaders can be assigned to level texures without having to set them to individual blocks in WED.


0 No automatic material assignment (default).
1 Automatically assign a material to all level blocks that have a texture with the same name as the material.
2 Automatically assign a material to all entity files with the same name ('.' replaced by underscore '_').
4 A7.84 When a material was applied to a level block in WED, automatically assign the same material to all blocks with the same texture.





d3d_automaterial = 1+2; // automatically assign materials to textures and entities
MATERIAL* stonewall = { ... } // assigned to all "stonewall" surface textures
MATERIAL* skyblue_tga = { ... } // assigned to "skyblue.tga"
MATERIAL* monster_mdl = { ... } // assigned to "monster.mdl"
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