These flags indicate which one of the two standard bounding box sizes (Fat Hull or Narrow Hull given in Map Properties) is assigned to the entity at startup. When both flags are set, the bounding box (min_x, max_x) is calculated from the entity's real size. This happens automatically with very small or very large models, and map or terrain entities.


flag  (eflags)


Example (lite-C):

// Example for manually assigning a different hull 
action collider()
  my.eflags |= FAT | NARROW; // set both flags to prevent automatic recalculation on scale changes
  vec_set(my.min_x,vector(-50,-50,-50)); // set bounding box to individual values

See also:

Collision, Map Compiler, c_setminmax, c_updatehull, POLYGON, min_x, max_x

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