Fog color or darkness number (1..5, default 0). Fog or darkness can either be activated locally, by giving a fog color number through the surface Albedo value in WED, or globally by setting this variable.


A value of 1..4 activates one of the 4 fog colors defined in WED Map Properties, and 5 activates darkness. The template scripts use the following fog numbers:

1 - distance fog (white)
2 - under water fog (blue)
3 - lava / hurt flash fog (red)
4 - user defined fog (free)
5 - darkness / blackout fog (black)




Fog or darkness lets surfaces (except the sky) and entities blur to the target color in the distance. The strength of the fog or darkness effect can be controlled by the view's fog_start and fog_end parameters.


 fog_color = 1; 		

See also:

fog_start, fog_end, d3d_fogcolor, vecFog, vecFogColor

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