key_set (number, function);

Sets the given function to the key with the given scancode. This way keyboard remapping can be done very easily.


number scancode of key
function pointer of function assigned to the key with given scancode




Example for remapping a key:
print("Please press key to assign function to");

while (key_any == 0) { wait(1); } // wait until a key is hit
str_cpy(my_str,"You have pressed "); str_for_key(temp_str,key_lastpressed); str_cat(my_str,temp_str); print(my_str); // indicate which key
while (key_any == 1) { wait(1); } // wait until key is released
key_set(key_lastpressed,my_function); // assign function to key

See also:

key_pressed, key_for_string, str_for_key, key_lastpressed, inkey, Key functions and mapping

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