Matrix calculations

Calculations with 4x4 transformation matrices are used for shaders. A matrix is just an array of 16 float variables:
float my_matrix[16]; // lite-C
var my_matrix[16]; // C-Script

The elements of the matrix can be accessed through the array indices [0]..[15], as usual. However, unlike normal variable arrays, a transformation matrix contains values in a special format, the IEEE 32 bit floating point format. Thus, under C-Script matrix elements can not be written to or read from like normal variables; they have to be converted to and from the float format, like this:

my_matrix[0] = floatv(my_value);
my_value = fixed(my_matrix[0]);

Under lite-C, var/float conversion is handled automatically and the above conversion functions are not required.

Handling matrix operations requires some mathematical knowledge. They are not intended for beginners to games programming, and are not necessary unless for advanced shader programming.

See also:

predefined matrices, mat_identity, mat_scale, mat_set, mat_inverse, mat_transpose, mat_multiply

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