Determines the maximum size of steps or obstacles the player can step over using the OBB collision detection.

If the player collides with a polygon, the ellipsoid normal at collision point is evaluated. Collision with the floor results in normal.z == 1, collision at half the player size in normal.z == 0. For limiting the height the player can overstep, move_min_z can be set at a minimum z value. By default, move_min_z == -1, so a player can always glide upwards as long as the step does not exceed half his height. For overstepping only low steps, set move_min_z at a small positive value, like 0.4. Please note that the heights to overstep with a certain value depends on the actual player size.


-1 .. 1 (default: -1)




move_min_z = 0.4;

See also:

vglide, c_move, move_friction