vslider = x, y, len, bmap, min, max, var;

Vertical or horizontal slider, which can be dragged with the mouse for entering values. The number len gives the height or width of the slider range in pixels. The bitmap bmap is used for the slider button, that is dragged with the left mouse button pressed. The min and max numbers determine the value range of the slider. The variable is set to a value within that range dependent on the current slider position. If moved to the upper or left position, var is set to the min value, at the lower or right position it is set to the max value.


x X position of upper left edge
y Y position of upper left edge
len height of slider
bmap Bitmap pointer
min values at the lower end
max values at the upper end
var value of slider


VSLIDER = 10,10,40,slider_map,1,8,my_var;	 		

See also:

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