Contains the current engine screen or window resolution in its x and y components . Can be modified at start of the main function to define the initial window resolution, and is set automatically by video_switch and video_set functions.


0 .. 8000



Modified by:

video_switch, video_set

Examples (lite-C):

// startup with 300x300 window resolution
function main()
  screen_size.x = 300;
screen_size.y = 300; ...
} // place panel in the center of the screen function center_panel(PANEL* panel) {   panel.pos_x = (screen_size.x - bmap_width(panel.bmap))/2;   panel.pos_y = (screen_size.y - bmap_height(panel.bmap))/2; }

See also:

video_switch, video_set, video_mode, video_screen► latest version online