For debugging purposes, an entity can be permanently observed by setting this predefined pointer to the entity. The entity parameters are then printed as text into the predefined string watch_str, and can be displayed in a TEXT on screen.




Important parameters of the watched entity are permanently visible in the following lines on the screen: While single stepping through a function, the entity parameters are displayed below the debugger display. For switching off the parameter display, set the watched pointer to NULL.


The [Shift-F11] entity debugger uses the watched pointer, was implemented this way in the default.c script:
TEXT* def_dtxt = {
pos_x = 2; pos_y = 2; layer = 999;
string = watch_str;
flags = SHOW;
function _def_debug() { ... if(key_shift) { freeze_mode = (freeze_mode == 0); // toggle freeze mode while(freeze_mode) { mouse_mode = 2; mouse_pointer = 2; mouse_pos.x = mouse_cursor.x; // move the mouse pointer mouse_pos.y = mouse_cursor.y; if(mouse_left) watched = mouse_ent; // set entity to debug wait(1); } } ... }

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