Terrain texture creator  C 

This tool can be used to create a terrain texture from a set of tiled source textures that are blended onto the terrain dependent on the heights and angles of terrains polyons.

Quickstart: In the [Source Tex] mode, click Add Texture: [Z-Axis] and open grass.tga in the templates_6\images folder. Repeat this with sand.tga and rock.tga. When toggling through the 3 textures ([Up] / [Down] arrows), you'll see the texture height levels marked red in the terrain wireframe image. Now switch to [View Texture] to look at the blended output texture. Heigh terrain parts got the rock textures, medium parts the sand and low parts the grass texture. You can adjust the height levels in the [Position] field and observe the effect immediately on the texture. When finished, save the texture in [Destination Tex] mode.