SED Preferences

Open Options / Preferences for changing the settings below:

Main Script to Run / Publish Script file to use for Test Run, Debug Run, and Publish.
Command line Command line options for the engine.
Tab Size The size of the tabs in the code, default is 3.
Auto Indent Set indents automatically when pressing [Enter].
Automatic Adding Brackets Adds a closing bracket when an opening bracket is entered (default: on).
Automatic Refresh Refreshes the Code Jumper and Project File List periodically.
Dynamic Brace Matching When closing a bracket, the opening bracket is highlighted.
Load included files Loads the included script files when opening a script, off by default.
Show Hints while Writing Shows hints while writing instructions, on by default
Show Full Path in Title Shows the full script path, rather than the script name only.
Start with Blank Script Starts with a blank script, on by default.
Start Last Opened Project Opens the last project when started without a script name.
Use Current Script for Run/Publish Uses the current file for Test Run, Debug Run, and Publish. Overrides the Main Script setting.
Extensions for the File List Set this at "mdl,wmb,pcx" to only include model, map and pcx files in the Project File List.
Update watches every .. ms Updates watches and current code position every X milliseconds. Lowering this value will update faster, but can also slow down debugging. When watch values don't change very often, keep this value at 500 ms.
Enable Backup If this option is selected, a backup will be created in the sed_backup folder when opening a file.
Time between Saves The current file will be automatically saved every X minutes.
Delete Files Older Than Periodically dDeletes files older than the given number of days from the sed_backup folder.
Go To Folder Opens the sed_backup folder for restoring files.
Customize Colors
  Customizes the colors for the SED syntax. Press Defaults to restore all colors to the default value.
Customize Keywords
  Add/Edit keywords for the SED syntax highlighting. To delete a keyword, select the keyword and press Delete.
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