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Code Jumper

Here you'll find a list of all global functions, variables, pointers, and engine objects of your script. If you want to edit a certain object, look for it in the code jumper. A click onto it jumps to the position in your script where the object was defined.  !!  Only objects with correct syntax appear in the Code Jumper. For instance when you write in an old WDL file "action" in uppercase and forget the parentheses, it will still compile, but the ill-defined action won't be displayed in the Code Jumper.

Code Templates

Some templates for often-used code snippets. Click on a snippet for inserting the code at the current cursor position. Some ready-to-fill-in code snippets for a file header, panel, action, main function, and particle function are available. You can add your own code templates by saving a code snippet in a file with the extension "wdl" and storing it in the sed_templates folder.

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