Terrain Editor

The terrain editor toolbar contains tools for editing the heights of a terrain.

Vertex Mode Display the vertices of the terrain.
Triangle Mode Display only the triangles of the terrain
Select Allows to select a part of the terrain by drawing a frame around it. Editing operations only affect the selected vertices of the terrain
Move Moves the selected vertices upwards or downwards with the mouse. The [SS] button activates a soft selection that also moves the adjacent vertices.
Scale Scales the selected vertices.

Tool for shaping hills and valleys in terrain. Move the magnet over the terrain. Pressing the left mouse key moves the selected vertices under the magnet upwards; the right mouse key moves them downwards. You can control the Range, Repetition Speed, Step Size, and Form of the effect in the setting windows. MinZ and MaxZ limit the effect of the magnet tool to a certain height range.

Lock Selection Locks the selection against changes.
Select All Selects the whole terrain.
Select None Deselects the terrain.
Select Touching Increases the selection by selecting all faces touching a selected face
Select Inverse Inverts the selection.
Go to Object Centers the view around the selection.
Reload Discards all changes and reloads the terrain.
Save Saves the changes to the terrain file.
Clone Saves the changes to a different terrain file.