Level Window

Contains a tree list of all groups, objects and blocks of the level. Selected objects appear highlighted in the tree and in the edit windows. You can select an object by double clicking it. When the object was part of a group, the group is automatically opened in the view windows. Multiple objects in the object tree can be selected by holding [Ctrl] while clicking the objects. If you click on a + the group will be opened, so it's parts can be separately selected and edited. Clicking right on an object opens the object menu where you can change properties.

Scope To Opens the group in the 2D and 3D windows.
Go To Object

Centers the object in all windows.

New Group Creates a new group within the current group.
Ungroup Removes the object from the current group.
Mode Wireframe / Solid / Textured
Sets the render style for the marked object.
Mode / Locked The marked object or group is 'locked' against further editing.
Mode / Off The marked object or group is invisible in the edit windows.
Mode / Exclude The marked object or group is excluded from the map.


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