Within this window you can work on the settings of selected objects. If various objects are selected, a drop down list appears at the very top of the entity tab and with the help of that list you can modify particular objects out of the selection. If there are selected various objects with different settings (flags / position) the corresponding property will be marked in red and set to zero.

Please refer to the chapter about entities for a detailed description of all of the entity flags and object settings. Here you are a list of all specialities:


Here are displayed all of the loaded materials. All materials contained in the mtlFx.c file are loaded automatically. Also there are loaded all materials of the main script and of the herein included scripts.

Position Mode

If this mode is set to global, all positions are given global, meaning that the positions of groups standing above the selected objects are not taken into account with the display of the position.

If the mode is set to local, the positions of the selected objects are displayed according to the group that is shown in the hirarchy list above the selected objects.

Skills 41-48

These eight skills with 3D Gamestudio are of the special interest of shader variables. That is why these input boxes also accept the following special instructions and convert the input automatically into an integer.

floatv, floatd,floatr

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