Common Options
Startup Recent Automatically load the last level on startup.
Unsaved Query Should WED ask if you want to save unsaved changes before going to a new map or exiting?
Save Win Positions Save window positions together with the level.
Reload Modified Files Detects whether scripts were externally edited, and automatically reloads them in that case.
View Options
Attach Action to View Each window 'remembers' its last editing mode.
Auto Move Mode After adding a block, if in an eye mode, switch to object move mode.
Box During Changes Show entities as bounding box only while moving them.
Auto Center When scoping down, automatically centers the view to the object.
Invert Mouse Inverts the mouse for eye rotation modes.
Mouse Speed A7.74 Mouse sensitivity.
Mouse Wheel Speed A7.74 Mouse wheel sensitivity.
Snapping Snap objects to a grid.
Snap Snap distance of the grid; can be set also in the button bar. This value determines how much precision you have on manipulating objects. Lower values give you more precision, while higher values make aligning objects easier.
Rotate Snap Snap angle on rotating objects. Lower values give you more precision on rotations, while higher values make aligning objects along axes easier
Duplicate Offset Duplicated blocks are moved by this offset in x and y direction.
Grid Auto Size Grid changes its size automatically with the zoom factor.
Grid Lo / Hi Determines how many units lie between dark and bright grid lines in the views.
Walk Speed Sets the camera speed in Walkthrough mode.
Video Out

Graphics library used for the 2D and 3D views. Normally you can use the newest library (like GXL2BASDX9B.DLL for DX9). On old 3D hardware, the DX8 libraries (like GXL2BASDX8A.DLL) can render faster than its DX9 counterparts, but don't support the full function set. The software rendering library (GXL2BAS32.DLL) does not need DirectX and provides basic rendering functions without texturing.
 !!  Libraries ending with ..A or ..B use the same DirectX device for all views; otherwise a separate DirectX device for any view is allocated.. Note that some video drivers can't handle an ..A or ..B library when other programs, like the engine, open a DirectX device at the same time. In that case, use the other library.
 !!  Some Windows Vista desktop themes such as Aero are only compatible with the ..B libraries. When you user other libraries and encounter a problem such as "smearing" of selection frames, right click onto the WED or MED icon, select Properties / Compatibility and tick Disable Desktop Composition.

Object Options
Sky Cube Display six sided Sky Cubes.
Draw Top Group  A7  Displays also the next-higher group in the edit windows after scoping down.
Group Sub Pieces Automatic grouping of objects broken up by a Subtract operation.
Hollow Wall Sets the wall thickness for the Hollow operation.
Entity Options
Show Entities Toggles display of entities in all views.
Display Entity Shape Display true entity shapes instead of squares. Slower, but nicer. For Map entities the .WMP file must be present in the path in order for the map to shop up.
LOD Level Factor  A7  Determines the distance at which internal LOD levels of models are switched in the 3D view.
Texture Options
Texture Mipmapping Toggle mipmapping in the 3D window on and off. Distant textures look better with this on.
Animated Textures Toggle animation of textures.
Texture Scale  A7  The default scale of textures in quants per pixel. Best values for low resolution textures are 1 and below, for high resolution textures 0.5 and below.
Layout Options
Auto Default Layout Use default window layout after a WED window is scaled or fullscreen mode is toggled.
Colors Sets the color for almost every object in the view windows.
Keys Allows to assign key shortcuts to almost any menu function.
Editors Assigns editors to file types in the Resources window. A file can be edited by double clicking it.
Icons  A7  Loads an external skin from a PCX image for buttons and icons.

Additionally, some global WED and MED options can be controlled by settings in the text file data\options.scr (advanced users only). The options editable by the user are commented (comments in the file are preceded by ';').

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