Places a breakpoint in the current code line (alternatively to the SED [F9] breakpoint key). When execution reaches this code position, the application freezes and the debugger is activated for single stepping through script code. The current script line is displayed in SED, as well as in the engine title bar (lite-C) or engine window (C-Script). By pressing [F10] the instruction is executed and the next command appears.

By further pressing [F10], the function is executed line by line and the results of the expressions can be examined. On pressing [Ctrl-F10] the debugger is deactivated and normal function execution will continue until another or the same breakpoint is reached again. [Shift-F10] steps over function calls (lite-C only). On pressing [Esc] debugging is terminated for the current session, and all further breakpoints are ignored. 


Example (lite-C):

Conditional breakpoints can be placed by entering an if condition followed by an arbitrary command, like
// breakpoint only if [B] is pressed 
if (key_b)
   beep(); //!

See also:

beep, diag, watched, debugging, debug_external, debug_mode, wait

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