The time between entity updates from server to client, in ticks . The higher the value, the less bandwidth is needed, but the worse are smoothing artifacts on the clients. If the value is below time_frame or set to 0, the entities will be updated every server frame. At -1 no updates will be sent at all.


-1 .. 100 (default: 0.5 for 2 updates per tick, resp. 32 updates per second)




If this variable is set to -1 (no updates), for versions below A7.60 make sure that the server sends something else at least once a second. Otherwise, the client will automatically disconnect when no messages are received from the server for more than 2 seconds.


dplay_entrate = 1; // 16 entity updates per second 		

See also:

dplay_encrypt, dplay_latency, dplay_bps, dplay_smooth

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