Enable or disable Dead Reckoning for multiplayer games.


0 - No movement prediction. Entity updates from the server are directly displayed on the clients, without prediction or smoothing.
2 - Position and angle prediction (default). Positions and Angles of entities are predicted based on their last values received from the server. This produces smooth movements and rotations, but can lead to visible 'overshooting' when the server update frequency is low. Overshooting can be prevented by manually sending ent_sendnow when a movement stops or a speed is changed; in A7 and above this is handled mostly automatically.
3 - Position, angle, and animation prediction. Model animation is interpolated on the client by predicting the frame and the inbetweening factor. If the model contains more than one animation cycle, frame prediction can sometimes fail, which leads to undesired 'jerks' if the server updates come in slow and irregular intervals. It is not recommended to send animation to the clients anyway. Better animate models by a local client function.





dplay_smooth = 0; // disable prediction

See also:

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