ENTITY* name = { . . . }

Defines a layered View Entity. Within the definition, any entity parameter or flag can be given an initial value. The layer parameter determines the rendering order. The client_id parameter connects the entity to a certain view from which it takes its arc and aspect parameters. By default the entity is attached to the camera view.


View Entities are globally available and can be visible even if no level is loaded.


ENTITY* shotgun_onscreen =
  type = "shotgun.mdl";
  layer = 2; // display above view entities with layer 1
  flags2 = SHOW; // visible on screen from the start
  flags = SHOW;
client_id = camera; // same camera parameters as the default view x = 100; // place 100 quants ahead of the view y = -50; // 50 to the right z = 0; // and center vertically }

See also:

entity, sky, ent_preload, ent_purge, ent_createlayer

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