c_scan (VECTOR* pos, ANGLE* ang, VECTOR* sector, var mode)

Detects entities or other objects within a cone or sphere, and triggers their EVENT_SCAN event.


pos scan origin.
ang scan direction Euler angle.
sector.x horizontal scan sector, or scan cone width in degrees (360 for a full sphere)
sector.y vertical scan sector in degrees, or 0 for a circular scan cone.
sector.z scan range in quants.
mode scan mode (see below).

The following mode values can be set:

IGNORE_ME Ignores the me entity; to be combined with SCAN_ENTS.
IGNORE_YOU Ignores the you entity and does not set the you pointer; to be combined with SCAN_ENTS.
IGNORE_PASSABLE  LC  Ignores entities with the PASSABLE flag; to be combined with SCAN_ENTS.
IGNORE_FLAG2  LC  Ignores entities with FLAG2; to be combined with SCAN_ENTS. For ignoring certain entity groups, call c_ignore before c_scan.
IGNORE_WORLD Ignores all terrains; to be combined with SCAN_ENTS.
IGNORE_MAPS Ignores all map entities; to be combined with SCAN_ENTS.
IGNORE_MODELS Ignores all models; to be combined with SCAN_ENTS.
IGNORE_SPRITES Ignores all sprites; to be combined with SCAN_ENTS.
SCAN_ENTS Scans for entities within the cone, and triggers their EVENT_SCAN event.
SCAN_POS Scans for camera positions placed in the level.
SCAN_PATHS Scans for path start positions.
SCAN_NODES Scans for path node positions.
SCAN_LIGHTS Scans for static lights.
SCAN_LIMIT Finds only entities with ENABLE_SCAN set, or only static lights whose range can reach the scan origin. Can be combined with SCAN_ENTS and SCAN_LIGHTS.
SCAN_FLAG2  LC  Opposite of IGNORE_FLAG2: finds only entities with FLAG2. To be combined with SCAN_ENTS.


Distance to closest object found, or 0 if no object was found.


you Pointer to the closest detected entity.
result Distance to the closest detected object.
target Position of the closest detected object.
bounce Direction to the closest detected camera position.
tex_color Color of the closest detected static light.





function operate() // scan nearby doors or switches for operating them
 	c_scan(camera.x,camera.pan,vector(120,0,200),SCAN_ENTS | SCAN_LIMIT);
on_space = operate;

See also:

c_trace, path_scan, EVENT_DETECT, EVENT_SCAN

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