engine_getvar (char* name, long* type)

 LC  Returns the pointer to a lite-C struct or variable of the current script. Can be used for real time debugging.


name - name of the variable or struct (char*, no STRING*!).
type - either NULL, or pointer to a long that is set to the type of the variable: VAR_STRUCT (0), VAR_CHAR (1), VAR_SHORT (2), VAR_FIXED (3), VAR_LONG (4), VAR_FLOAT (5), VAR_DOUBLE (7). Structs and arrays set a type of 0. If it's a pointer, VAR_POINTER (16) is added.


void* pointer to the variable, or NULL when the variable doesn't exist.



MATERIAL** pmtl = (MATERIAL**)engine_getvar("mtl_toon",NULL);
if (pmtl) // valid pointer?
   my.material = *pmtl;

See also:

engine_open, engine_getvarinfo, engine_getscript

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