skill1 ... skill20

vecSkill1, vecSkill5, vecSkill9, vecSkill13, vecSkill17

20 general purpose variables that can be set by scripts and used in shaders. The float4 shader vectors vecSkill1 .. vecSkill17 contain the contents of material skill1..4, skill5..8, skill9..12, skill13..16, and skill17.. 20.


var (lite-C)
float4 (shader code)


Use the floatv() function for setting entity and material skills to a float value in lite-C; alternatively you can prevent a float->var conversion by casting a float value to a pointer, f.i. (void*).


mtlTest.skill1 = floatv(1.5); // lite-C: pass a floating point value to material skill1
float4 vecSkill1; // shader code: define the vector
float fValue = vecSkill1.x; // fValue now contains 1.5

See also:

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