needle(x, y, bmap, cx, cy, angle, min, max, var);

 LC  Displays a variable by rotating a bitmap, for an analog clock or a needle indicator.


x, y Panel position of the pivot in pixels.
bmap Needle image, pointing to the right (e.g. needle.pcx in the template images folder).
cx, cy Image pivot position in pixels from the upper left corner.

Angle offset, counterclockwise, in degrees. 0 points to the left, 90 up, 180 to the right.

min, max Variable values that correspond to 0 and 360 degrees. For rotating clockwise, min must be greater than max.
var Global var to be displayed by the needle.



PANEL* my_panel = {
  needle(10,10,"needle.pcx",10,2,180,0,100,my_var); // 180 degrees clockwise needle indicator with a 0..100 range
  flags = SHOW;

See also:

PANEL, button, slider, window, digits, pan_setneedle

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