sys_marker(STRING* marker);

Sets a 3-character marker to indicating subsequently allocated memory areas for debugging purposes. Memory areas that marked, but not freed at engine exit are listed in the acklog.txt. The marker is also displayed in script error messages, allowing to find the precise location of the error. A7.84 LC


marker - STRING* or char*, 3-character sequence, or NULL for resetting the marker.




// simulate a bug that overwrites a memory area
function main()
char* mem = sys_malloc(123);
int i;
for (i=0; i<124; i++) mem[i] = 'A'; // write one byte past the end of the memory area! sys_marker(NULL); ...
// at exit, the acklog.txt will show "Malfunction W1516: Invalid memory area TST"

See also:

sys_malloc, sys_free, sizeof, sys_memory

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