WED command line options

The publish and resource functions of WED can also be called by a command line:

WED -p name.wdl|name.c [path\executable.exe]

Executes the Publish function. The script name.wdl or name.c must exist in the current folder. Optionally the path to an executable file can be given, which is then copied to the .CD folder in order to start the application. An own EXE file can be used this way. A redistributable acknex.dll engine module is created in the .CD folder. The Trial, Free, or Team Editions don't generate an EXE and DLL file in the .CD folder.

 P  WED -r name.wdl|name.c [path\executable.exe]

Same as above, but creates a .WRS Resource file.

WED -c name.wdl|name.c

Same as above, but opens the Publish dialog.

WED -p path\executable.exe

Creates a redistributable acknex.dll engine module in the executable folder.

WED -w name.wmp

Compiles the level name.wmp to name.wmb. A7.79


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