The publish process creates a .CD subfolder in the work directory, and copies all files needed for the project into it.The content of the .CD folder can be then be put onto CD-ROM or on a website for distribution. In the free version, most options are greyed out - just click [Ok] for starting the publish process. Otherwise the following options are available:


 P  Generates a WRS resource file that contains all files belonging to the project in compressed and encrypted form. Note that some file types, like DLL plugins or movie files, can not be contained in a resource but must physically exist in the .CD folder - see remarks below.


 P  Generates a window definition file (acknex.wdf) for the current WDL project settings . This file determines the starting behavior of the application: showing a logo, setting command line options, displaying compiler messages and so on. If a syntax error was found in the window definition, or an image file belonging to it was not found or has a wrong format, an ERRNO error message is issued and the acknex.wdf file is not created.

Level Editor

 P  Generates a redistributable level editor, WEDS.EXE, in the .CD folder (only when a resource file is created). WEDS is a stripped down version of WED and can be used by the end user for creating own levels for their game. For this the WMP and WAD files belonging to the game levels should also be provided on the end user CD-ROM. WEDS uses all entities and behavior actions found in the resource file. For entities to be visible in the editor, they have to exist in the same folder as the resource file. When providing maps to be edited, make sure that they either have no main script assigned - otherwise WEDS will complain when the script is missing. WAD files can be loaded externally, but not edited.

Compile EXE  E  Runs the engine and compiles the lite-C source code into an executable that is then copied into the .CD subfolder (not available in the free or Team Editions). Otherwise, the source code (.c or .wdl) is copied directly into the .CD subfolder, and compiled on the fly when starting the published executable.

Creates the EXE file (scriptname.exe) and redistributable engine DLL (acknex.dll) for starting the game. If [Compile EXE] is unchecked, the path to an EXE file can be given here (default: acknex.exe). When calling the engine DLL from an external application, give the path to the executable here. If the path field is left empty, no EXE and no engine DLL are created. Note that the engine DLL is 'locked' to the EXE file - it won't start a different game or an afterwards changed script. The Trial, Lite, or Team Editions don't generate an EXE and DLL file in the .CD folder.

 !!  Please note: For creating the .CD subfolder, the work folder must be write enabled under Windows Vista or above! Therefore don't create your projects in the Gamestudio installation folder (which is normally only write enabled for the administrator under Vista), but in the Documents section of your PC.

EXE files and icons

Game files

WRS resources



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