Presets Window

This window contains a list of presets for view positions, texture settings, texture collections, and folder paths. Presets can be added or edited by right clicking on an item of the lists.

Views List
Add Views Setting

Adds the current view and camera positions for restoring them at a later point.

Save Views Setting Saves the current view and camera positions to the selected views setting.
Restore Views Setting Restores the selected views setting to the current view and camera positions.
Delete Deletes the current views setting.
Bookmarks List
Add Bookmarks

Adds the current textures and texture settings in the Bookmarks Window for restoring them at a later point.

Save Bookmarks Saves the current state of the Bookmarks Window to the selected bookmarks setting.
Restore Bookmarks Restores the selected bookmarks setting to the Bookmarks Window.
Delete Deletes the current bookmarks setting.
New WAD Creates an empty new WAD file. WAD files are texture collections in the Gamestudio, Quake or Halflife WAD format. The texture collection can then be edited in the Textures Window by importing textures to it. In case of 8 bit palettized images the color palette should be the same as given under Map Properties. WAD textures normally contain four mipmaps. Note that some external WAD editors create WAD textures with empty mipmaps; then the textures will disappear in the game, dependent on the camera distance. This can be fixed by exporting and re-importing the texture.
Add WAD Adds a WAD file to the Textures Window.
Add Folder Add an image folder to the Textures Window.
Build WAD Creates a new WAD file that contains all textures currently used in the level.
Add Path Adds a new folder to the folder path. Subseqently, sound and entity files from that folder are available in the Add Object menu. The new folder is stored in a PATH statement in the WDL project file. This way the engine also gets access to the folder when running the script. A .c script must be set up in Map Properties for adding a folder.
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