Textures Window

This window displays all available textures in their folders or WAD files. Texture folders and WAD files can be added and managed in the Presets Window. The images will come up below the respective folder or WAD bar and can be scrolled by the scroll bar at the right. If you click at a folder or WAD bar, the folder or WAD will be opened or closed. The folder window can be changed in size by dragging it at the lower edge. The Bookmarks window contains a set of texture favorites that can be saved or loaded in the Presets Window.

By double clicking a texture, it will be attached to the object selected at this time. The Object bar shows the texture of the currently selected block; the Texture bar display the currently selected texture. If you close a folder or WAD or move the mouse out of the project window, the last assigned texture remains visible in this window. Clicking right at a texture will open a pop up menu (see below).

The size of the scroll bar slider can be adjusted by editing WED's configuration file data\options.scr with SED, and changing the TV_SBSIZE value.

Apply Texture

Applies the selected texture with its position and render settings to the selected object.

Replace Texture Applies the selected texture to the selected object, using the original texture settings of the objects.
Apply Lightmap A7.84 Applies the selected texture to the lightmap of the selected object; for imported FBX levels with a second UV coordinate set only. Lightmap mode must be selected in the View menu.

Opens the Texture Settings panel, where texture properties can be edited similar to the Block Properties panel. Blocks inherit those settings from the textures that are applied to them.


Refreshes the textures in the windows and on objects when they were altered externally.

Add Texture

Adds a texture to the selected WAD from an image file. The mip maps are calculated automatically. The texture name is automatically created from the file name, but can be edited. For specific information about how an image is converted to a texture, see Texture Types.

Remove Texture

Removes a texture from the selected WAD.

Rename Texture

Renames a texture in the selected WAD. The texture name must consist of not more than 15 letters, digits, and underscore. For the naming convention, see Texture Types.

Extract Texture

Extracts a texture from the selected WAD to an image file.

Add to Bookmarks

Adds the selected texture together with its settings to the texture favorites in the Bookmarks window. The state of the bookmarks can be saved and restored in the Presets Window.

Save WAD Saves a modified WAD file. Gamestudio's WAD format is not identical to the Quake WAD format. WED, however, will accept its own and the Quake, Worldcraft, or Halflife WAD formats.
Texture Manager Opens a panel where WAD files and texture folders can be added or removed as in the Presets Window.
Show Texture Sets size and modes for the texture display.
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