Resources Window

This window displays a list of all files and resources of the project, as well as its paths and folders. You can open a certain file with its specified editor by double clicking onto it. Editors for different file types can be specified under Preferences. Clicking right on an item opens a context dialog (see below). Files belonging to the project are listed in the various folders: script files for .wdl, .c, .h; world files for .wmp, .qle, .$$m, .map; picture files for .pcx, .bmp, .tga, .dds, .jpg, .png; model files for .mdl, .x; terrain files for .hmp; wmb files for .wmb; sound files for .wav, .ogg; and effect files for .fx.

Double clicking an action or material displays the source code in a separate window. Right clicking and selecting Customize allows editing a customizable script without typing any code. For making your own scripts customizable, use Comment Tags. The [?] icon in the upper right corner of the dialog displays a help text when you click on the text of one of the 'tags' in the Customize window. Save saves the current values, Close aborts the editing.


Opens the selected file with the editor that can be specified under Preferences.


Displays the path, reference, and creation date of the file or resource.


Opens the Customize panel for the selected script file.

View Source

Displays the source code of a material or action.

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