engine_gettaskinfo (long num,char** name,ENTITY** me)

 LC  Returns the name, me pointer, and address of a currently running lite-C script function instance (task). Can be used to generate a list of all currently running functions, for debugging or similar purposes.


Function pointer, or NULL when num exceeds the number of currently running functions.


num - number of the task, starting with 0.
name - address of a char* pointer that is set to the name of the function.
me - address of an ENTITY* pointer that is set to the task's me pointer.


action ent_rotate() { while(1) { my.pan += 1; wait(1); } }
char* funcname;
ENTITY* ent; engine_gettaskinfo(0,&funcname,&ent);

See also:

engine_open, engine_getvarinfo, engine_getscript, engine_getscriptinfo

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