The x and y components of this vector contain the absolute mouse coordinates in pixels, relative to the upper left corner of the screen resp. the engine window's client area. They are normally used to set the vector mouse_pos.x and mouse_pos.y to move the mouse pointer over the screen.


0 .. screen_size


VECTOR, read-only


BMAP arrow = "arrow.pcx"; 

function mouse_toggle // switches the mouse on and off
  mouse_map = arrow; // use arrow as mouse pointer
  mouse_mode += 2;
  if (mouse_mode > 2) // was it already on?
    mouse_mode = 0;
  while (mouse_mode> 0) // move it over the screen
    mouse_pos.x = mouse_cursor.x;
mouse_pos.y = mouse_cursor.y; wait(1); } }

See also:

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