Bitmap pointer to the mouse cursor image, which should be 32x32 ARGB. The hot spot is in the upper left corner by default. The cursor can be animated by repeatedly setting this bitmap. If set to NULL, the standard windows mouse cursor will be displayed.




BMAP* arrow = "arrow.tga"; // 32x32 ARGB image 	

function mouse_toggle() // switches the mouse on and off
  mouse_map = arrow; // use arrow as Mouspointer!
  mouse_mode += 4;
  if (mouse_mode) {
    mouse_mode = 0;
  } else {
    mouse_mode = 4;

See also:

mouse_mode, mouse_pos, mouse_spot, mickey, mouse_cursor, mouse_range, mouse_moving, mouse_calm, mouse_time, mouse_left, mouse_ent, mouse_force, mouse_pointer, mouse_sync

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