Preferences - Engine Settings

Within this tab all settings regarding the engine can be done. Some settings require to restart the engine so it is recomended to set those before loading a level.

General Settings

Show Statistics

If "Show Statistics" is set, the standard engine statistics window will be displayed.

If "Show advanced Statistics" is set, additionaly the lightmaps of the blocks are displayed.

Use NOCULL Kamera

Sets the NOCULL flag for the GED camera.

Shadow Settings

Changes the value of Shadow_Stencil.

Engine Variables

Here you can change some of the variables defined by the engine.


Sets the Clip_far value of the GED camera and such gives the value from which objects are clipped. Lower values increase the frame rate but make editing less compfortable.

Maximum Number of Entities

Sets the Maximum Number of Objects allowed by the engine.

!! This value should be high enough, because if you generate more objects than you intended first, it may turn out in unpredictable behaviour.

Maximum Number of Particles

Sets the Maximum Number of Particles allowed by the engine.

!! If this value is set too low, the engine possibly may not draw all bounding boxes any more.


Sets the Nexus value on engine startup.

!! Do not change this value if you don´t know exactely what nexus means.


This value determines the chunk size of the terrains displayed in GED.

!! This value should not be set to 0.


This value determines how often a texture is repeated while painting onto terrain.


Activates LOD für Terrains.


D3D_Lodfactor Sets the Lod factor for terrains.

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