If this flag is set, the sky sprite texture is tiled and projected vertically onto an imaginary sky dome at all places where a sky texture is assigned to a surface in the map. Due to the vertical projection, only the upper part of the sky is undistorted - the horizon must be rendered with a different sky element. The 'steepness' of sky domes can be set through the global sky_curve variable. The speed of the cloud layers can be set through the u and v parameters.

Sky domes can be used for stars or for layers of moving clouds, using the u/v parameters for the cloud layer speed . The scale of the texture is given by the scale_x parameter. The texture must be a power of two in size, and edges must match seamlessly.


flag (flags2, sky definition only)


In WED, you can use a sky image from a 2 frames sprite with a '+' in the image name (see image below); they are then displayed one over each other as cloud layers. By script, define every layer as a separate sky entity.

Example (lite-C):

ENTITY* skyClouds =
  type = "skyblue.tga"; 
  layer = 3;	
  scale_x = 0.25;	
  tilt = -10;	
  u = 1.5;
  v = -1.0;
  flags2 = SKY | DOME | SHOW;	

See also:

ENTITY, type, layer, CUBE, SCENE, u,v, ent_createlayer, sky_blend, sky_clip, sky_curve

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