File Formats

Gamestudio and lite-C support numerous file formats for importing and exporting artwork and data.  !!  Keep file names short - the names of entity and texture files (including extension) in WMP and WMB levels are limited to 30 characters, and texture and skin names in WAD and MDL models files are limited to 15 characters. File names must not contain any special characters except "_" or "+". Never, ever, use spaces in your file or path names! Many import filters from other editors will not find texture files when they have spaces or exotic characters in their name.

In the following you'll find specific information about the formats supported:

Image files

Image files are used for importing textures , model or terrain skins, terrain heightmaps, sprites, bitmaps and fonts, and for exporting screenshots. Recommended image formats are TGA, DDS, PCX and WAD. Also supported, but not recommended are BMP, PNG and JPG images - they are read through the DirectX library and thus depend on the DirectX version, and have other shortcomings. The selected image format does matter because all formats have their specific advantages and disadvantages:

Some considerations about transparency:

Restrictions apply to image sizes:

Video files

Video files are used with the media_play functions and can be played on the screen or on a texture. There are specific video formats like MPG, DIVX or QTW, and meta-formats like AVI. MPG files, or AVI files with MPEG coding can normally be played on every computer. Special format like DIVX or Quicktime require their filters to be installed, so they have to be included in the distribution. Check the required license conditions before including such filters in your game.

Sound files

Sound files are used by the media_play and snd_play functions, as well as for sound sources in the level. WAV, MID, OGG, and MP3 files are supported.

Script and Effect files

Script and effect files are plain text files with the extension WDL for scripts, and FX for shader and effect definitions. FX files contain a standardized language (HLSL), so external FX files can be used by just adapting variable names. Shaders and effects can also be contained in script material definitions, or in models.

Model files

MED and WED can import models in many 3D formats: FBX, 3DS, X, ASE, OBJ, MDL, MD2, ASC, and Milkshape. Additionally, terrain can be imported from heightmap images. Further formats are supported through MEDs own import/export filters and through Milkshape import/export filters that can be directly plugged in MED.

Gamestudio files

Gamestudio's editors produce several internal files for images, levels, models, and terrains (see also Entities and Internal File Formats):


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