SKY name = { . . . }

ENTITY* name = { ...  flags2 = SKY..; }

Defines a sky texture, sprite, or model with the given name. Sky textures are mapped onto all sky surfaces in the level. Sky models are centered around the camera, so they can cover sky textures, but also level elements, depending on their distance to the camera. An unlimited number of sky entities can be combined. As with view entities, the drawing order is determined by the layer parameter. They are not affected by level light and fog.

Sky entities are either dome, cylinder, or cube mapped, depending on flags given in the definition. When no such flag is set, the sky entity is rendered into the level background at its x y z position given. This way, sun, moon or other celestial objects can be drawn onto the sky.  LC  In lite-C, sky entities are defined the same way as view entities, except that their SKY flag is set.

When you are using several sky layers, take care to disable any layer that is not visible, and also disable the background color (sky_color). This avoids unnecessary rendering and keeps the frame rate high.

Example (lite-C):

ENTITY* skycube =
  type = "skycube+6.tga"; // the image for a backdrop scene
  flags2 = SKY | CUBE | SHOW; // sky cube, visible

Example (C-Script):

SKY skycube =
  type = "skycube+6.tga"; // the image for a backdrop scene
  flags = CUBE | SHOW; // sky cube, visible

See also:

ENTITY, CUBE, DOME, SCENE, ent_createlayer

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